This section, addressed to physicians, professional nurses and biologists working in the onco-hematologic field, aims to give informations about the specialised centres and scientific societies in Italy and abroad, the conventional and experimental therapies to cure the multiple myeloma. There is also a page showing a selection of the sites, of the so called workshops and a page in which you will find a list of the main congresses to come.
Scientifics Societies
Experimental Protocols
Multiple Myeloma 2004
Gruppo Italiano Studio Mieloma Multiplo
In this section we have tried to gather the most interesting web sites in order to give you the chance to look up at scientific magazines, books, hematologic atlases and general or medical databases. We hope to help physicians, professional nurses, biologists and everyone interested in the field.
This section aims to give an help to patients afflicted with multiple myeloma and their families. They will find a list of the web sites belonging to the associations of volunteers and to the specialised centres in the cure of hematologic illnesses. We have also tried to give clear and simple information about the multiple myeloma, monoclonal gammopathy and chemotherapy. There is also a glossary containing an easy explanations of all the technical terms. To open the glossary you have only to click upon the underlined terms. To come back to the web page click back of your browser.
Available Therapies
Gruppo Italiano Studio Mieloma Multiplo
Info for Patients
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This web site offers a wide range of services addressed to physicians, biologists, trained nurses, everyone who is working in the onco-hematologic field and to the families.In this site you will find the latest discoveries in the research and therapeutical field. We have given a particular attention to the therapeutic page which shows the conventional and experimental therapies used in Italy and abroad. Thanks to this site all the workshops will be able to exchange their information and clinical datas. It is also possible to have a link with all the most important hematologic magazines and look up at all the best atlases on-line. We undertake to mark out for you the most interesting scientific and therapeutical datas on mieloma. There you will find all the latest news of the sector, including the most important congresses.
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